Staff List

Name     Position  
Mrs Pink Headteacher
Mr Smith Deputy Headteacher
Ms Peck EYFS Phase Leader
Mrs Unwin KS1 Phase Leader
Mr J Walsh KS2 Phase Leader
Mrs Barrett IR Leader  
Mrs J Miller SENDCo  
We have the following teaching staff:  
Mrs J Thomas Nursery Teacher
Ms  Peck Reception Teacher Whirlow
Mrs  Warner Reception Teacher  Heeley
Mrs V Allan Year 1 Teacher Don
Miss Whitworth Year 1 Teacher Sheaf
Mrs K Unwin Year 2 Teacher Endcliffe
Miss Wilson Year 2 Teacher Norfolk
Mrs Roberts Year 3 Teacher Crucible
Miss E Gostelow Year 3 Teacher Lyceum
Mrs A Horsfall & Miss G Landowski Year 4 Teacher Kelham
Mr Blake Year 4 Teacher Weston
Miss Harper Year 5 Teacher Milennium
Mr R Jackson Year 5 Teacher Graves
Mr J Walsh Year 6 Teacher Bolsover
Miss A Mooney Year 6 Teacher Peveril
Our non-teaching staff comprises of:  
Mrs D Helliwell Admin Manager
Mrs G Eyre Admin & Finance Officer
Miss C Hawkes Clerical Assistant / Receptionist
Mrs K Johnson Safeguarding & Inclusion Officer
Mrs J Ashmore Teaching Assistant
Mrs W Atkinson Teaching Assistant
Mrs J Biggs Teaching Assistant
Mrs L Birkby Teaching Assistant
Ms J Borrett Teaching Assistant
Mrs C Bradley Teaching Assistant
Mrs J Clayton Teaching Assistant
Ms S Cunningham Teaching Assistant
Miss C Hunter Teaching Assistant
Mrs Kay Teaching Assistant
Mrs A Myers Teaching Assistant
Mrs D Plummer Teaching Assistant
Mrs S Roberts Teaching Assistant
Mrs C Robinson Curriculum Specialist
Mrs Snelling Curriculum Specialist
Ms T Stott Teaching Assistant
Ms A Woodhead Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Our breakfast and afterschool childcare Provision comprises of;
Mrs J Ashmore Senior Play Leader
Mrs L Graham Senior Play Leader
Mrs C Crookes Welfare Play Supervisor
Miss S Kirton Welfare Play Supervisor
Our lunchtime staff are;    
Miss L Green Play Activity Worker
Mrs S Gurnhill Play Activity Worker
Miss S Kirton Play Activity Worker
Miss S Lowe Play Activity Worker
Miss L Marshall Play Activity Worker
Miss L Matthews Play Activity Worker
Miss M Oxley Play Activity Worker
Mrs S Parker Play Activity Worker
Mrs D Plummer Play Activity Worker
Miss A Stephenson Play Activity Worker
Mrs B Winn Play Activity Worker
Our premises staff are;    
Mr D Wilson Buildings & Site Officer
Mrs D Birch Cleaner  
Mrs C Burke Cleaner  
Mrs S Parker Cleaner  
Miss A Stephenson Cleaner  
Mrs J Wharton Cleaner